Legal News December, 2017

Legal News December, 2017


Increasing regional minimum wage from 01/01/2018

On 07/12/2017, The Government issued Decree No.141/2017/ND-CP regulating the regional minimum wage for the employees under labour contracts. Accordingly, from 01/01/2018, the regional minimum wage for the employees in enterprises as follows:

  • Region I: 3,980,000 VND/month (increase 230,000 VND)
  • Region II: 3,530,000 VND/month (increase 210,000 VND)
  • Region III: 3,090,000 VND/month (increase 190,000 VND)
  • Region IV: 2,760,000 VND/month (increase 180,000 VND)

At the same time, the Decree also remain the principle of applying the regional minimum wage as follows:

  • The enterprise applies the regional minimum wage of the region it operating. In case the enterprise has offices, branches operating in different regions, the offices and branches apply the minimum wage in the region they operating.
  • The enterprise operating in industry park, export processing zone, economic zone and high technology park in different regions having the different minimum wage, applies the highest regional minimum wage.
  • The enterprise operating in the region where changing name or separating, temporary applies the regional minimum wage before changing or separating until the Government releases new regulation.


Adjust minimum wage to 1.39 milion dong/month
This is a remarkable content in Decision 1916/QD-TT in 2017 about the allocation of state budget in 2018, issued by Prime Minister.

Accordingly, from 01/07/2018, the minimum wage will be adjusted from 1.3 milion dong/month to 1.39 milion dong/month.

At the same time, the pensions, social insurance, monthly allowance under the guildance of Vietnamese law (for the beneficiaries are guaranteed by the state budget) and the allowance for the meritorious people will also increase at the same increase level of minimum wage.


  1. Latest import and export tariffs in 2018

The Government issued Decree No. 125/2017/ND-CP amending and supplementing Decree No. 122/2016/ND-CP, which promulgated new import and export tariffs.

Decree No. 125/2017/ND-CP will come into effect from 01/01/2018. Particularly, the contents of the tax preference programs prescribed in Article 7a shall be implemented right from the date the decree is promulgated (16/11/2017) to 31/12/2022.

  1. Simplify the application dossier for maternity benefits

This is a remarkable issue in Resolution 125/NQ-CP on simplifying administrative procedures, civil papers related to population management under the management of Vietnam Social Insurance.

Accordingly, the application dossier for maternity benefits for female employee has dropped the request to submit copies of the following papers:

– Birth certificate of the child;

– Death certificate of the child in case of death;

– The mother’s death certificate in case the mother dies after giving birth.

In addition, the dossier for movement settlement procedure from one province to another for the recipient of pension funds, monthly social insurance benefits and waiting for receiving pension fund, monthly benefits has dropped the request to submit following papers:

– Copy of family register at new residence;

– Copy of identity card/passport.

Resolution No. 125/NQ-CP came into full force on 29/11/2017.