Dong Du International Consulting Group


An accounting and consulting group was established in November 2008, providing the professional services in accounting, supporting audit, taxation, corporate and investment. We have professional staffs with extensive experiences and qualifications in accounting, finance, taxation and consultancy of investment environment. In our group, we also have the cooperation members of auditing and law… in the whole land of Viet Nam.

Our Professional Services

Accounting Service
Audit Supporting Service
Tax & Legal Consulting Service
Investment & Corporate Service

Businesses & Labor Registration
Labor & Insurance Declaration 
Professional Training Service
Human Resource Service

Our Missions

Effort to support clients;

To provide high quality service and constantly upgraded;

 To respect for professional ethics;

To train the human resource with high expertise;

To create the working environment professional, friendly.

Our Team

Dong Du has a professional team who have been trained in Viet Nam and many countries in the world. The quality of the services, the professional codes of ethics and the company’s prestige are the first standards that all Dong Du’s staff always aim at.

Mr. Damien Herwegh
Mr. Damien Herwegh

Mr. Damien Herwegh

French Business Development Coordinator of DDC Consulting Group HCMC

  • Bachelor of Engineer;
  • B2B marketing skill builder;
  • Schneider electric team leader;
  • Global Product Marketing Manager…

Working Experiences

His experience mainly covers product marketing management, project management, sales and technical support in the past years. Being open-minded and curious has helped me all the way long to be customer-oriented and a great learner. After years of working on different subjects, I conclude my strengths are: strong ability to capture customer need, clear-minded in facing complex situations, good leading, and execution ability.

Group Roles

He joined in Dong Du International Consulting Group HCMC as the business development coordinator for French investors doing business in Vietnam from 2019. He is willing to give total support to the organization and people who ask me for coaching, with the passion, experience, and engagement to help to build high performances team. …





Chairman & General Director of DDC International Consulting Group.

  • BA Accounting Bachelor (Vietnamese)
  • CA Chief Accountant Certificate (Vietnamese)
  • CPA Certified Public Accountant (Vietnamese)
  • CPTA Certified Public Tax Accountant (Vietnamese) 
  • MBA Master of Accounting and Auditing (Japanese)
  • BA Business Law Bachelor (Vietnamese)
  • BL Business Lawyer enrolled (Vietnamese)
  • CPA Certified Public Accountant enrolled (Australia)
  • Formal member of Vietnamese Association of Certified Public Accountant,VACPA
  • Formal member of Vietnamese Association of Accountant,VAA
  • Formal member of Vietnamese Association of Tax,VAT
  • Financial advisors affiliated associations and advisory support Japanese businesses abroad,  Japanese government (SMRJ), FY 2008

Working Experience

Toni Tran is the Chairman & General Director  for DDC Consulting group  in Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam.  He is the only representative for DDC Consulting Group, which sets the overall strategy for the DDC network in the whole of Vietnam. During his tenure, he is  focusing on increasing quality service and enhancing DDC’s brand and reputation by developing and retaining key talents.

Prior to this role, Toni was the Chief Operating Officer, Chief Financial Officer in the FDIs in Vietnam. With over 15 years of professional experience, he has provided accounting, tax and business advisory services to both foreign investing enterprises and private enterprises in Vietnam. Toni has also been involved in some cases of debt financing, corporate restructuring, and merger and acquisition transactions. During the past ten years or so, he has been heavily involved in promoting corporate governance and systems of internal control for enterprises.

Toni  speaks widely on, and is a training speaker for, diversity and inclusion in the workforce as well as being an advocate for workplace flexibility. Toni already taught lectures at universities such as Hoa Sen, Open and Ton Duc Thang university… and now getting lectures at the IBM institute  linked with UBIS University, Switzerland and TUV Vietnam Co.,ltd, Germany. Toni already received a master degree of  accounting and tax in Japan and  is a Certified Public Accountant and a Certified Public Tax Accountant in Vietnam. Besides, He is also enrolling the Certificate of Australia Certified Public Accountant and Vietnamese Advisory Lawyer.

Role within Group

Currently, he is also involving with the researched items as following:

  • Modifying the model of costing at Vietnam in practice
  • Explaining the differences between accounting and tax
  • Explaining the differences between the Vietnamese accounting system and the Japanese accounting system
  • Modifying and install the functional administrative system.


If you have any needs for accounting, taxation, auditing, corporate finance … please contact the following address with detailed information.

  • Email:            Toni Tran (Mr.)
  • Cell phone: 090 925 7602.




Deputy General Director & Director of Legal Consulting Department 

DDC】International Consulting Group

  • BA English Language Bachelor (Vietnamese)
  • BA Law Bachelor (Vietnamese)
  • BL Business Lawyer Certificate enrolled ( Vietnamese)
  • CPTA Certified Public Tax Accountant enrolled (Vietnamese)
  • CAT Practical Accounting Certificate (Vietnamese)

Working Experience

Kathy Tran already graduated at English department of Ho Chi Minh Comprehensive University. After that, she also finished the business law course at Ha Noi law university. Currently, she is enrolling the certificate of Vietnamese business lawyer and certified public tax accountant certificate. She joined in DDC as position of Deputy General Director of DDC international consulting group. She also speaks both of English and Japanese.

Role within DDC

Besides, she also has taken part in DPTC, business training center belongs to DDC international consulting group from 2014 up to now.

Entering the profession in 2005, she has 10 years of experience in Vietnam. She is highly experienced with supporting local and foreign investors with their private equity investment acquisitions and disposals in Vietnam. The experience ranges from opportunity identification, financial due diligence, valuation, transaction structuring, deal management and post-acquisition support.

She also has significant experience in supporting companies with their business process reviews and improvements, internal control system review and internal audit. She has a wide industry experience such as Manufacturing and Service, Education… up to now.


If you have any needs for making and reviewing contracts, business laws … Please kindly contact the following address with detailed information.

  • Email:    Kathy Tran (Ms.)


Manager of Accounting Service Department 3 【DDC】International Consulting Group

  • BA Accounting Bachelor (Vietnamese)
  • CA Chief Accountant Certificate (Vietnamese)
  • CPTA Certified Public Tax Accountant enrolled (Vietnamese)
  • CPA Certified Public Accountant enrolled (Vietnamese)

She already graduated the Ho Chi Minh Industrial University. She is major in Accounting. She joined in DDC from 2008. She also joined in the training center DPTC from 2014 FY and teaches practical accounting and taxes for students.

Now, Haru Nguyen is the head of accounting service department 3 of DDC International Consulting Group.  She has more than 10 years of experience in both the Vietnamese and FDIs sector, implementing accounting system solutions and supply tax planning strategies that drive growth and innovation in local enterprises and foreign investing enterprises operating in production and services…

Haru Nguyen has experienced many complicated works for solving accounting problems incurred within FDIs operating in Vietnam. She is deeply involved in professional training focused and increasing the quality and diversity of accounting staffs learning.



Head of Human Resoures Department of Dong Du Accounting Firm【DDC】International Consulting Group

  • BA Administration Bachelor (Vietnamese)
  • BA Accounting Bachelor enrolled (Vietnamese)

She already received her BA from Hoa Sen University, HCMC Vietnam. Here, Yen Dao is Head of Tax consulting Department for the DDC network.  She joined in DDC group in 2014, having previously served as tax and administrative consulting works  to several FDIs and local firms  around Vietnam.

She believes passionately in the importance of diversity in tax administration, and actively supports current clients operating in HCMC as well. Besides, as global human capital leader, She also drives the people strategy for the DDC Network including the workforce of the future, development, performance and talent initiatives.

If you have any needs for adjustments of business license, calculation of payroll, registration of labor and insurance changing… Please kindly contact the following address with detailed information.

  • Email:   Yen Dao (Ms.)




Business Relationship Manager for Europe & US market

DDCInternational Consulting Group HCMC, Southeast Asia Business Consulting Network

  • Senior year High School in USA
  • Bachelor in Management, Economics and Accounting (France)
  • Master’s degree in Accounting Control and Audit (France)
  • Semester in Business in Linkoping University (Sweden)

Working Experiences

Valentin has worked with Accounting and Audit companies in France. He has experiences working with international groups. He performed financial audits and participated in the certification of annual accounts. Valentin has experiences working in English and dealing with clients.

Role Within DDC

He manages and develops a portfolio of European and American companies working and investing in Vietnam. He teaches seminars in English to foreigners concerning tax regulation and IFRS in Vietnam. He teaches a basic and advance English Business Communication Course to students.  


Email:; Phone: 84 33 576 3964




Director of Accounting Consulting 【DDC】International Consulting Group

  • BA Accounting Bachelor (Vietnamese)
  • CA Certificate of Chief Accountant (Vietnamese)
  • MBA Master of Accounting (Vietnamese)
  • CPA Certified Public Accountant (Vietnamese)
  • The member of Vietnamese Certified Public Accountant Association

Vinh Phung was previously with Vietnamese local auditing firm in auditing and accounting consulting for FDIs, where he gained valuable experience in servicing companies in a mature and well-regulated environment. He transferred to DDC International Consulting Group in 2008. Vinh Phung has learnt to understand and appreciate local cultures, business norms and regulatory requirements to become a trusted advisor to numerous foreign invested as well as local companies in matters of financial management and reporting.

In addition, his practical experience accumulated on the ground in building winning teams, processes and businesses, together with his experience being an auditor and advisor to some of the FDIs in Vietnam have resulted in a unique combination of international experience and local knowledge to bring value to our clients.

With more than 10 years of experience as an auditor, Vinh Phung is in charge of and has in-depth experience in Manufacturing and Services in Vietnam.




Project consulting partner 【DDC】International Consulting Group

Prior to joining Anphat Capital, Mr. Dung acted as director of VinaWealth, an affiliate of VinaCapital for over 3 years. Since 2009, he worked for Manulife Asset Management (Vietnam) Company Limited as Head of investment compliance. Furthermore, Mr. Dung had served other companies operating in various sectors such as Mekong Securities JSC(a member of Indochina Capital), Pepsi Co Vietnam, Prudential Vietnam and an auditing firm for a period of over 10 years.

Mr Dung already joined in DDC International Consulting Group with the position project consulting partner  in FY 2016.

Mr. Dung has bachelor degree in corporate finance of the Economics university of Ho Chi Minh City, a fund management certificate granted by State securities commission, a certified public accountant (CPA), a professional customer service (PCS) dilopmagranted by LOMA and other professional certificates.