Accounting Services

Accounting Services 【DDCPA】

When looking for quality of accounting reports, clients want to have accurate accounting data to call for investment or the need to complete the accounts and documents before audits, tax settlements … that is when clients need these accounting services as below of DONG DU INTERNATIONAL CONSULTING GROUP DDC

    • Making bookkeeping monthly and yearly.
    • Completing bookkeeping available as client’s requirements.
    • Resolving the client’s matters based on tax officer’s requirements.
    • Consulting on setting up accounting systems and management for enterprises starting up.
    • In house/on-site accounting, compliant with local and international accounting acts (VAS, IFRS, etc…)
    • Accounting record review for past reporting periods
    • Electronic account books and registers
    • Reporting preparation, archiving and maintenance of hard and soft copies in compliance with the local and international accounting regulations
    • Accounting supervision
    • Applicable and efficient accounting system
    • Applicable and efficient accounting procedures
    • Efficient internal controls for accounting system and procedures
    • Financial statements compliant with local and international accounting acts


    In order to work as well, DDCPA belongs to DDC consulting group will help you:

    • Support in contacting and working with local authorities and help your accounting system to comply with the local and international accounting policies.
    • We can support you in handling your accounting compliance system with replacement of your accounting staffs.
    • Assist you to work with the auditors and any inspection from local authorities.