Should the cost of product packaging be included in the cost of the product under the lens of an expert?

In the production and business process, building a process to calculate the reasonable cost of products and services is very important in building competitive product prices in the market.
In addition, it is also important to gather costs and allocate costs appropriately into the product cost range. Misrecording costs to the wrong address will lead to actual inefficient cost management.
Frankly, the cost of product packaging is a particular cost that businesses and local tax authorities have not agreed on for a long time on where to collect costs. In fact, there are two controversial points of view of packaging cost accounting treats. One is accounting treat for the product cost, the other is accounting and selling expenses. Thus, what will be the basis legal evidence for appropriate cost accounting?
From the point of view of field experts and the Vietnamese General Department of Taxation, enterprises should clarify whether the cost of packaging is in the production process or in the product consumption process for the sales department for accounting purposes. according to the provisions of the law on accounting. Therefore, depending on the specific production and business process, the enterprise can implement the appropriate way of coordinating the cost of packaging into the cost or selling expenses.
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