The head office of a foreign-invested company can also be the location of the company’s project. When a foreign-invested company wishes to change its headquarters, one of the following two cases should be noted.

  • Only change the head office of the company without changing the location of the project. In this case, the company only needs to change the Certificate of Business Registration (in case the foreign-invested company has separated the Investment Registration Certificate and the Enterprise Registration Certificate).


  • Changing the address of the company’s head office and at the same time changing the location of the company’s project as recorded on the Investment Registration Certificate.


  • Unlike companies with Vietnamese capital, foreign-invested companies are managed by the Tax Department (for companies that have both an Investment Registration Certificate and an Enterprise Registration Certificate). Therefore, when the company needs to change the head office to another district, it does not have to confirm the tax obligation like a domestic company.


  • The head office of a foreign-invested company must not be an apartment building or a group house.


  • The location of the project implementation for companies with production activities must be a factory and must meet the regulations on environment, fire prevention. The lessor must have enough conditions to lease the factory including: the function of real estate business and redundant factory lease as shown on the Certificate of Business Registration and the Certificate of Land Use Right.


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