Vietnam’s success in controlling the Covid-19 epidemic and the Investment Law enacted in January 2021, which reduces regulatory barriers to business, is expected to boost the attraction of foreign investment.

Therefore, investment in Vietnam, directly or indirectly, should be approached in any way that is reasonable, especially in the current global difficult situation. In other words, the most effective approach is the application of risk management in the formation and operation of businesses in Vietnam. Why? Because businesses can maximize sustainable profits.

That is also the approach in providing professional services of Dong Du International Accounting & Legal Consulting Group Vietnam. We are confident in providing professional support to our customers because:

  • Helping the customers developing their business plans and applying for business licenses with competitive service fees. (30%-50% discount compared to the service price of foreign-invested consulting companies)
  • Experts in accounting, tax, law supporting the customers to build a business plan with the appropriate usage of expenses (minimizing the elimination of future nontaxable expenses) right from the beginning of setting up a company in Vietnam.
  • Supporting to restructure business expenses appropriately in the current difficult global situation of domestic and foreign enterprises within Vietnam.

Dong Du International Accounting & Legal Consulting Group HCMC, Vietnam, Southeast Asia Business Consulting Network, we specialize in accounting services, corporate tax advice, legal advice, business training, human resource consulting, product & market surveys…over 15 years up to now in  the Vietnam market. Currently, we have also built a team of foreign experts from Japan, Taiwan, Europe, Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia … to help customers inside and outside Vietnam to expand appropriate business opportunities as well as possible.[SETTING UP COMPANY,  ACCOUNTING, TAX, LAW COMPLIANCE, HR…IN HO CHI MINH, VIET NAM  FOR FOREIGN INVESTORS ]

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