Guidance for candidates’ registration in Dong Du Human Resource Consulting Center

For over 10 years, Dong Du International Consulting Group, Southeast Asia Business Consulting Network ( has been providing Accounting, Finance, Tax and Legal services… to companies from all over the world.

Now, based on our working experience with Managers team, we have the ambition of developing the précised human resource to market,
named Dong Du Human Resource Consulting Center [DHRC], that supports the enterprises working in and out Vietnam with the
advanced level.

DHRC is a section of Dong Du International Group. DHRC has experts from Europe, Japan and America… willing to provide high effective people to satisfy the clients; requirements as well in practice. We are focusing some special working positions in the market currently.

 Accounting position.
 Administrative and legal compliance position.
 Translator
 Sale people…

Our distinction with the current market is that we try to train and evaluate the candidates based on our presided working
procedure at our business school [DDBIS] before sending them to the market finally.

Moreover, we also have the strong enough experts to support our candidate to be familiar with the client’s working environment at all.

In case that you are interested in, please kindly send us our CV into the email: support .client@

Introduction of DHRC. Endlish Version.