Chairman & General Director

【DDC】 Dong Du International Accounting & Legal Consulting Group HCMC Vietnam, Southeast Asia Business Consulting Network

  • BA Accounting Bachelor (Vietnamese)
  • CA Chief Accountant Certificate (Vietnamese)
  • CPA Certified Public Accountant (Vietnamese)
  • CPTA Certified Public Tax Accountant (Vietnamese) 
  • MBA Master of Accounting and Auditing (Japanese)
  • BA Business Law Bachelor (Vietnamese)
  • PL Practicing Lawyer (Vietnamese)
  • CPA Certified Public Accountant enrolled (Australia)
  • Formal member of Vietnamese Association of Certified Public Accountant,VACPA
  • Formal member of Vietnamese Association of Accountant,VAA
  • Formal member of Vietnamese Association of Tax,VAT
  • Financial advisors affiliated associations and advisory support Japanese businesses abroad,  Japanese government (SMRJ), FY 2008
  • Switzerland, UBIS University Doctorate Business Administration Program enrolled

Working Experience

After studying abroad in Japan, Toni Tran returned to Vietnam and joined in FDIs with the several advanced positions as CEO, CFO, COO…During his tenure, he is focusing on increasing quality service (accounting, taxes, auditing and legal)and enhancing the enterprise’s brand and reputation by developing and retaining key talents.

In addition, he was also a senoir lecturer at Ho Chi Minh City Open University, Hoa Sen University and Ton Duc Thang University on cost accounting and management accounting. Toni  speaks widely on, and is a training speaker for, diversity and inclusion in the workforce as well as being an advocate for workplace flexibility and also participates in teaching at IBM  associated with UBIS University, Switzerland; TUV Vietnam Co., Ltd., Germany; SGS Vietnam Co., Ltd., Switzerland for students and the enterprises within Vietnam such as: SCG, Bosch Vietnam, Mercedes Vietnam, AGV Vietnam, Nam Thuan  Energy...Toni Tran can speak both foreign languages (English and Japanese) at the business level.

Toni has also been involved in some cases of debt financing, corporate restructuring, and merger and acquisition transactions. During the past 20 years or so, he has been heavily involved in promoting corporate governance and systems of internal control for enterprises, legal compliance.

Role within Group

Mr. Toni Tran has established Dong Du Accounting & International Consulting Group as General Director and Chairman of the Board of Members since 2009. He also participates in teaching expertise at DDBIS (https //: ddbis. belongs to Dong Du Accounting & International Consulting Group, Southeast Asia Business Consulting Network.

As the leader of foreign investment business and development systems and operations, he assists in charge of developing foreign companies’ offices infrastructures in an end-to-end process from FY of 2018. In addition, Toni Tran also works with corporate executives and directors to implement strategies and business operations that balance growth and risk and return.

Currently, he is participating in the following research subjects at DDRDC belonged to Dong Du International Accounting & Legal Consulting Group, Southeast Asia Business Consulting Network.

  • Modify the practical cost model in Vietnam
  • Explain the difference between accounting and tax
  • Explain the difference between the Vietnamese and Japanese accounting systems
  • Modify and establish an efficient management system according to functions in the business
  • Corporate risk management
  • Effective corporate legal system

Professional Certificate

Toni Tran graduated from Ho Chi Minh City National University of Economics in 1997. After that, he went on to complete his master’s degree in finance and accounting at Shizuoka University, Japan.

He is currently an official member of VACPA, VAA and VTA Vietnam. He was also an international business advisor to the Innovation Sector and Small Business Organization, Japan (SMRJ) in 2008. Furthermore, he is studying for an Australian auditor’s degree and is the practicing attorney in Ho Chi Minh City Bar Association, Bar Federation of Vietnam. Currently, He is enrolling the Doctorate Business Administration Program belonged to The UBIS university, Switzerland.


If you have any needs for accounting, taxation, auditing, corporate finance, legal consulting in business & civil… please contact the following address with detailed information.

  • Email: Toni Tran (Mr.)
  • Cell phone: 090 925 7602 (Zalo/Viber/Wechat/WhatsApp/Line) English/ Japanese/ Vietnamese