Planning HCMC to 2040, vision 2060

In the task of adjusting the new master plan, Ho Chi Minh City is the financial and service center of Southeast Asia and the Asia-Pacific region. The Prime Minister has just signed a decision approving the task of adjusting the general planning of Ho Chi Minh City to 2040, with a vision to 2060. According to forecasts, by 2040, Ho Chi Minh City will have a population of about 13-14 million people, with an estimated urban construction land of 100,000-110,000ha.

Adjusting the general planning of Ho Chi Minh City from the perspective of promoting the city’s leading role in the relationship with the Ho Chi Minh City region, the southern key economic region, the whole country and the world, promoting regional linkages Developing the marine economy is associated with the goal of forming a chain of marine urban areas in the region, combined with the protection of the Can Gio biosphere reserve.

This plan also aims to effectively exploit the natural conditions and typical ecosystems of the city to develop a modern city with identity, creating the attractiveness of the city, step by step improving the quality of the city. , harmonious development between economy and culture – society, environmental protection, climate change adaptation; towards the synchronization between new construction and urban renovation and embellishment.

Thus, the city of Ho Chi Minh City by 2040 will be a special city directly under the central government; an important center of economy, culture, education and training, science, technology and technology of the country, playing a pioneering role in leading innovation and creativity; has an important position in the national urban development strategy; is one of the centers of tourism, finance – trade and logistics services in Southeast Asia and Asia – Pacific.

Quy hoạch TP.HCM đến 2040, tầm nhìn 2060: Thủ tướng Chính phủ phê duyệt những gì? – Tuổi Trẻ Online (

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