The Balanced Scorecard (BSC) model

The Balanced Scorecard (BSC) model is an extremely powerful management tool that helps to improve the current situation of the business and orient it towards important and feasible goals. The metrics are related to each other and are both necessary sources of energy to maintain and further improve the efficiency of the business.

However, the application of BSC in Vietnam is not a small challenge for the majority of the small and medium enterprises(SMEs). Should Vietnamese SMEs be ambitious to apply the BSC model synchronously or should they apply a work program that is suitable for their own production capacity?

Therefore, what will be the appropriate approach for SME businesses in the current difficult economic conditions to take advantage of production costs at an optimal level?

In the next financial year 2022, Dong Du International Accounting, Taxes & Legal Consuling Group, A Member of OneSMP Singapore [DDC], would like to introduce our potential customers to our consulting and skills training package. fully on how to build and apply an appropriate BSC model to help businesses increase their own potential strength and expand their ability to compete in the region in the future.

If you have any requirements for the service package, please contact us as soon as you have a request.

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